Forniphilia - The art of human furniture

2214 days ago

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We offer information and discussion relating to this new bondage fetish of Human Furniture.

The act of turning a woman into nothing more than a piece of functional furniture is the ultimate goal for many bondage enthusiast. Often completely immobile the woman finds that she is at least useful to her owner, perhaps performing the role of a table, chair or even hatstand.

Many find this type of sexual objectification highly erotic, especially if the subject is in someway vulnerable, perhaps her mouth or pussy are exposed. Knowing she cannot move she can only hope she will be of some use. Awaiting use, she is forced to wait and obey until needed.

By its definition, forniphilia will bind the subject very tightly and therefore can be very dangerous. We do not recommend you try this type of bondage unless you are very experienced and take good safety measures.

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